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How to Burn a Disk

Burning a disk always sounds like an easy thing to do but it requires a little bit of knowledge of disk burning software and file formats.

Those who are using Windows will find that Microsoft has included some disk-burning software already as one of the apps on the computer. If you have a disk burner then you already have the equipment that you need to complete the task. However, many people do not realise that they have this software and will install additional software. Although it does depend upon what other features you might think that you need.

If you are just relying on Windows software though, all you have to do is put your disk into the disk drive and then the operating system will kick in to ask you what you want to do. To burn an audio CD all you have to do is select the option to burn an audio CD. This will use Windows Media Player to burn the selected files to the disk.

Windows also features tools to create a video DVD. However, it has been removed from the most recent versions of Windows so you need to be prepared to add a third party disk-burning software such as DVD Flick. The way in which you burn a disk then depends upon the type of software that you are using. However, most are user-friendly and they are easy to navigate, even for beginners.

When you are burning files you need to keep in mind the storage space on the disks. If you are creating an audio disk, for example, then you need to be aware that the maximum storage space is around 80 minutes. For a DVD it is less than 5GB of space, so check files in advance to be sure that they do not exceed the maximum.