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Best Free Alternative to Nero

Nero was, for a long time, considered to be one of the best disk-burning software around, but it is not free and users have found that it is packed with features that the average person will not use, so what can you use that will not cost you any money but will do the same job?

Many average users have opted for infraRecorder. The interface for this software is straightforward and user-friendly. It includes everything that the average user needs when they are burning disks including support for Multi-Session. It also supports burning dual layer DVDs. This is open source software so there is no cost to the user.

CDBurnerXP is designed to work with all versions of Windows operating systems and it has been one of the most popular disk-burning software options around. It is simple to use and has plenty of useful features. It offers support for HD and Blu-Ray DVD types and there is a converter included from BIN to ISO.

DVD Flick is designed to be ideal for creating your own disks. This free app is designed to support a range of disk formats but it is the ability to create a complete DVD from your own video and audio files that has helped to make it so popular. However, it cannot be used for ripping disks, so it will not serve as a complete replacement for Nero. Use DVD Flick to create a DVD menu and subtitles for the audio on the disks.

DeepBurner is one of the older software types and it is widely considered to be one of the best alternatives to Nero. It is a portable app so you can carry it around on a flash drive and use as needed. You can use this to burn or copy any disk and create multiple copies. It also has the ability to create and print labels for your disks.