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Best Disk Burning Software for Mac

Those who have a Mac computer may need to burn disks from time to time and there are several options when it comes to the right software.

One of the top options is Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. This is designed to burn video files to a DVD but there are also options to convert the files so that it can be viewed on any Apple gadget. Originally iDVD and iMovie were the only options available to Mac users and most people look for an alternative to these. Apple no longer offers support for these apps, but the Wondershare software is very close to the way in which iDVD worked.

But what if you want to consider other options? What should you be looking for? The first thing is the backup quality. This allows you to keep the same HD quality that you have on the original file. You should also consider the speed. When you are backing up Blu-Ray disks you need to be sure that the quality will not slow down your PC at all. The best burning software is optimised to take this into consideration.

The ability to shrink the files is important. Most Blu-Ray files actually measure around 25GB but this is far bigger than the disk that you want to burn it to. A shrinking feature will allow the software to remove anything from the disk that is not wanted or needed. This might include things like trailers and BD-Live features.

Whichever disk burning software you use for Mac you need to be sure that it offers you the right support. Software needs to be updated regularly because there are always changes to copy protection schemes and you may need a little help from time to time. Company support is essential for any Mac user when burning disks.